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Our company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and Our certification means that our products and services are safe, reliable and good quality.

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NTOP InfoSec is a new revolution in NextGen Information Technology to endow with to execute IT solutions and security architect. NTOP InfoSec emerge with new innovative ideas to refine their current IT Infrastructure by satisfying customer’s need.

Our endeavour to provide high end Technical and IT management support to fulfill Client’s requirement which includes better inline service in corporate like – IT Management with its Cost Reduction, Process Management through DMAIC, VA/PT and Internal Audits, Technical Assistance, IT Atomization, Hardening of Servers and EUC devices, IT design and planned Rollout, Security management and HRMS

By introducing new concept, we are committing to protect our customer’s crucial data, to focus in achieving their business goals and take their business to next level. We are the first, to introduce a model that helps our clients to make their IT safe and error free.

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Why Choose Us


With have more than 16 yrs of extensive experience in IT Management and Project Delivery at APAC region, we successfully executed several Project and Program management and assist our customers to build a robust IT Infrastructure. Our support team has vast experience in Data Center, Airlines, Corporate and Education Sectors which makes us top than others.


We are a dedicated team of professionals with highly experienced in Information technology sectors; our team has extensive expertise in several industry standards and are certified and Awards Winners to fulfill all customers requiremen


Company is strongly determined to lead in IT Industry by providing satisfaction, addressing the needs & expectations of clients in timely manner and developing sound practices to enhance IT security and performance of clients. NTOP InfoSec maintaining strong processes to control on Quality and Delivery, our prime focus to deliver best guaranteed Quality to our customers.

Our Mantra

IT Services


nTOP persistently work in simplify Customer’s IT infrastructures and IT Operations. Given the explosion of complexity at all layers, there is accelerating urgency surrounding this task. Simplification drives a number of benefits, including improved user expectations, reduced costs, and improved operations. But perhaps the most compelling reason to simplify IT infrastructure is that for most enterprises, IT is not their core business. By simplifying their IT infrastructure, nTOP can devote more of their resources to providing better services to customers and users, enabling innovation and increasing productivity for workers throughout the enterprise. Our commitment to our clients is to provide the highest levels of IT consultancy and associated support services throughout our business partnership. We are confident that with our own in-house knowledge and expertise, along with our key vendor solutions our customers, no matter how complex the environment, can be assured they are working with an exceptional fully accredited talented technology company and can be confident they are in safe hands.



nTOP OptimizeIT solution will enable you to make this strategic shift by effectively benchmarking IT investments, reducing operational costs and leveraging value by transforming the IT operating model. We have helped organizations across the globe to make their IT more responsive, efficient and economical, thereby creating a robust technology backbone to support and accelerate business strategy. As organizations prepare for future growth and expansion amidst mounting cost pressures, it is essential for information technology (IT) to move away from a maintenance dominated position toward innovation, self-sufficiency and greater alignment with business objectives. We prepare Strategic Value to IT, delivers better, Cheaper and faster Faster Solutions, improves Service Quality and operational agility by reducing IT Costs


Accelerate & Automize

IT Change Delivery consists of a set of discrete activities which are repeated again and again to deliver change to Production Environments. Regardless of the complexity of your IT landscape, it is possible to automate these steps to achieve Continuous Delivery. What’s required is a Continuous Delivery Blueprint and Roadmap, specific to your needs, which clearly defines the route to success, identification of the optimal tool-chain for your specific business technology landscape, and then mechanizing and automating every step of the IT Delivery Lifecycle. We focussed and delivering our IT services and strategies in an accelerate and automated module to get benefitted to our esteemed Customers.

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